Hello Norway!! :))

Today, for the first time in my life, I traveled with aeroplane. I picked norwegian plane because it goes direct to Oslo. Oh, yeah, I forget to say that I’m from Serbia and that I’ve never been to Norway. This year I got unique opportunity to go to AFR(Arbeiderbevegelsens Folkehøgskole Ringsaker).
Flying is not that much freaky as some people say.. To me it was fun. The most interasting part was when we were landing, I saw Norway from the air and it was so beautiful.
Here in this school is now holyday until monday so I haven’t met a Norwegians yet and also I haven’t been on classes yet, but the show me the school and I can say that the school is perfect, got everything that one young man can wish: billiard pool, table football, some cool stuffs for playing games, excelent classrooms, gym, good food… :Happy-Grin:
I will right all this on english because I don’t know norwegian, but I’ll give my best to learn it, everyone here says that it’s not that much hard.. Well, we will see……norwegian.no.. :Wink:

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