I’m back!

Hi everyone!
As you know,st 10 months I spent in Norway. laI went to Folk school there. It was very useful experience. I came there even if I didn’t know the language. There was 7 more Serbs who were studing Scandinavian languages on University of Belgrade. One of them became my professor and we had classes of anorwegian language lmost every day. Now, I understand norwegian a lot and I can talk with people as well. AND I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!

In school we had a thousand ways of entertainment. Just for eksampel we were making movies and after that we had Oscars.(here you can watch movie that was winner:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7flY5f76FM ). I was not a part of it but the one where I was, was publikums favorit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xes_6Ey28WY -its funny )  We had an eurovision contest as well. And a lot of other different actions. It was very fun!

The end of school was in May, so after i was working in Hunderfossen Hotell. Hunderfossen is one big complex wich is made of Family Park, Hotell, Camping and a cabins. There comes mostly parents with their children. Its the most beautiful place for family I’ve ever seen!!! I was lucky to work there!  I met a lot of people in Norway. And a lot of people who were not norwegians. I met a lot of Serbs and we became very good friends.

And now, when I’m back in Serbia I miss Norway. I miss all of those smiley people, all of those nice landscapes, everything!!! I can’t wait to go there again! And I hope so I will next year.

On 28th I’m expecting 2 friends from Norway. I hope they will like Serbia. Norwegians usually does 🙂

Untill then, a lot of greetings,

Danica 🙂


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