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How to Reply/Comment?

You can “Reply” (comment) to anything without logging in, but if you want to start a new “Post” you’ll have to be “Registered“, – and logged in. The registration is a fast and easy process. When you have finished the registration an e-mail is automatically sent, to the e-mail address you  filled in, with information on “Username” (should be same as you filled in) and the “Password” to Log In. If you find the password too difficult to remember you may change this in your “Profile” after you have logged in the first time.
However, when you register you will be registered as a “Subscriber“. The “administrator” will give you the necessary permissions (upgrade) which could take some hours depending on when he is checking the site.

Why “Captcha”?

When you reply/comment you will have to enter the “Captcha” code word in order to verify you are a living being and not a robot.  The reply/comment will not be accepted without it! We don’t like spam and neither do you – we believe?



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