Medieval Food festival Novi Becej 25 May 2013

There is now 2 medieval food festivals (that we know of) we have participated in. This one in Novi Becej is this years first and the main responsible Norwegian cook was Ms. Ida Harper. We had some left-overs from the 18 May event so it was a good way to put it to good use (salmon, smoked salmon and trout, a game pot and we did a bread in a clay pot). We’re not sure what we received the price for as the jury didn’t taste our food at all before the verdict was announced, but we guess it was for the participation. In other words, we are interested in the criteria for the judgement, and a set time for the dishes to be ready in order for the jury to make their tasting. Overall it was a very nice event, Novi Becej is a cosy place to visit and the weather kept up untill the exhibition area was vacated.

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