The Autumn 2011 in short

The Norwegian Association – Serbia would like to inform you all of the various activities, happenings and events, of which we know of, that will take place during this autumn. As may be seen there are quite a number of arrangements which the association is both directly, and in-directly involved in and – for some, we would like (and enjoy) the company of the board members.

PRIMO Koceljeva winter stores (zimnica) Festival, 23 -24 September. Koceljeva’s friendship municipality Ørland will participate with Norwegian foods and beverages. There will be a competition between local chefs, preparing “Hunter’s Goulash”. A surprise entry will be Stein B. preparing a Norwegian national dish.  
We will participate, and are invited on Saturday 24 September 2011. The program can be read here.

Under the slogan “For “lazy” mother-in-laws and modern wives  – who have not prepared stores for the winter  – Koceljeva is the right place to obtain them!”, we will truly have an enjoyable day out – and away from Belgrade.

The Ambassador to Serbia, and other Norwegians living in Serbia, have announced their arrival. Of course, Krka and her team will be there!
The invitation is open to all who have time and enjoys domestic food supplies. The housewives of Koceljeva have announced a large selection at affordable prices!

SECUNDO From 24 September till 1 October we are visited by students from Høyskolen i Vestfold, Tønsberg, Norway (University College in Vestfold) – who will conduct their practice work in Belgrade, Gornji Milanovac, Bujanovac and Skopje. The attached program is in the Norwegian language, but dates and places should be easy to understand.

A short visit to Prokuplje, including a lunch is planned on 28 September around 12:00 h hosted by the Prokuplje Branch of the association and the Secretary General.

On 28th September afternoon we will be in the Norwegian House, Gornji Milanovac.   The students start their practice on 29 September morning in the schools.
In the afternoon the same day there will be a football match between Serbia – Norway.  In the evening the students will visit music clubs with young people from Gornji Milanovac organized by Nikola Tomasevic.

No visit to Belgrade without dropping in at the Kasina Sessions. On Friday 30.09 the students from Tønsberg will visit Kasina, organized by friends of Kasina (Stein and Dragan).

TERTIO  From 1 – 5 October we are arranging the yearly youth event “Joy of Europe”. A pop-rock band, “Dirty Dolly” from Hemnes, the friendship municipality to Prokuplje will participate in various concerts. The visiting group consists of 4 teenagers, 3 parents and the Head of Hemnes Culture Centre, Jon Ervik and, – Rolf Fjeldstad from the friendship association Hemnes, a total of 10 persons.

The program in Belgrade 1 – 5 October is on the host’s website  (Children’s Cultural Centre, Belgrade). The closing ceremony will in Belgrade on the evening of 5 October.

The Norwegian Association – Serbia, branch friendship municipalities of Gornji Milanovac and Prokuplje and the Norwegian House hosts “Dirty Dolly” for the following program:

6 Oct. – Prokuplje, visit and will perform a concert – overnight in Prokuplje
7 Oct. – Gornji Milanovac, visit and will perform a concert – overnight in Gornji Milanovac 

QUATRO Old Serbian and Norwegian food traditions, Norwegian House in Gornji Milanovac, Saturday 8 October 2011

In the restaurant of the Norwegian House on Saturday, 8 October 2011, the famous cook and author of several books on herbs and cooking, Mladen Perisic, with the help of the not so known, but a food lover, Stein Brauten, will prepare a large selection of old Serbian and several Scandinavian dishes in the restaurant of the Norwegian House. Meals will be served for tasting as well as complete meals, in order for the participants to choose which ones will get on the menu in the Norwegian House.

Note: Transport will be organized from Belgrade which will, beside the visit to Gornji Milanovac, include visits to vineyards in the region of Arandjelovac and Topola. 

QUINTO Norwegian House:  

We have already publicized a report on the maintenance work – painting of the facility. Attached you will find the report from the host/janitor of the house, Dragisa Ostojic on completion of the first works according to the plan and provided funds from Norway and the Norwegian Association – Serbia.

We will continue the maintenance of the entire complex as follows:

a) Planting a fence around the whole estate – secured funding
b) Change the roof on the outside toilets building – secured funding
c) Renovation of the Festival Hall – secured funding
d) Reconstruction of the museum – funding not secured 

At the same time, the lessee of the restaurant has, from his own funds, already restored much of the interior, inventory, restaurant, kitchen, etc. 

Best regards to all,

Dragan Markovic
Secretary General
Norwegian Association – Serbia