Rehabilitation of the museum in the Norwegian house, Gornji Milanovac


Here are the new suggestions for the layout (Double-click the pictures to see a bigger version)

This is todays layout after some corrections of beam angels and showing areas not very useful as the ceiling is too low, but might be used for storage. We will not do any structural changes to the building. However, we will extend the museum area into todays leisure area wih about 1,68 m.

Suggestion 1: The extension into todays leisure/club area is done. A new light wall is set up 1,68m into he area giving the museum a total area of 66,3m2. The exhibition area is divided in square cubicles, which is the most “economic” use of the space available.


Suggestion 2: Also cubicles, but arranged in a different manner. The area up to the left is still usable for a scene we are planning to put in. Due to the low ceiling it will be made in a smaller scale than the original, but we are exited about the scene.


Suggestion 3: This provides for more space for the audience, but less space for what we would like to show. A lot of new documentation has been found, and we would like to exhibit these items. Just to mention it, the “persons” depicted in the drawings are 1,60 to 1,85 m tall to help you with the scale.

We are sad to say that the new exhibition will not be ready for the 25 years anniversary.
What we would like to see is a financing plan with confirmed funding ready for the anniversary. Our plan is to have the application finalized by the end of June 2012.
Hopefully, we will be able to open the new exhition at next years Friendship march beginning of June 2013.

More is coming, just return to this page for follow up information.


As we have informed you earlier the maintenance of the house and garden of the “Norwegian house” in Gornji Milanovac (painting the house, repairing of roof and concert hall, making fences, etc.), the Friendship associations of Norway and Serbia have now started the project of reconstruction and renovation of the museum in order to create a new exhibition layout in the Friendship House.

Please find enclosed a draft of the current design of the museums layout (graphical presentation of the dimensions by Stein Brauten) and photography exhibition, which was set up in September 1987 for the opening of the House.

The idea is that the Serbian and Norwegian museum experts, based on a framework proposal from the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade, available documents and exhibits of current exhibitions, newly collected documents and copies of documents from the North Norwegian museums, project design and solution for the reconstruction, will design a new permanent exhibition and possibly a printed and an electronic catalogue.

In late February / early March 2012, a planned visit of museum professionals from Norway (Helgeland museums, Saltdal and Narvik) will meet with colleagues from the Institute for Contemporary History (M. Pavlovic, M. Koljanin and associates), the local museologists in Gornji Milanovac (Rados Gačić), in order to produce a preliminary solution, defining the equipment  and any construction modifications necessary to be done and prepare a budget for the entire project.

Based on their solution proposals and project budgets we will apply, to the relevant ministries and institutions of both countries, and of course the friendship municipalities and other donors for funds in order to ensure financial support for such a comprehensive undertaking.

A presidium of the two parties will invest the necessary effort and commitment to the planned project which will eventually be finished for the 25-year Jubilee of the Norwegian house by the end of September 2012, if possible. Of course, everything depends on fund raising and subsequent dynamics of the progress.  In any case, work will begin in this year of the Jubilee, as long as we can secure funding.  The most important is to get the job done to provide a more modern visually and educational exhibition for our guests.

A few years ago we wrote a circular letter to all branches to contact families of the internees, local museums and other documents and exhibits related to our internees in Norway. Again we ask you to invest some extra effort and time to search for anything that could be of interest for the museum. Nothing is too small or big. The host of the house, Dragisa Ostojic will accept reception of all provided materials of interest for the new layout.

The reconstruction of the museum will be a special item on the agenda at the Assembly, 19 February 2012 in Gornji Milanovac and it will be an opportunity to further discuss the whole issue.

The Friendship associations of Serbia and Norway would like to thank Stein Brauten for his efforts and constant monitoring of the graphic work on this important work.


Dragan Markovic
General Secretary